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Start simply at $2 per user each month. It is the market's lowest price. Nevertheless, we provide all the features you might require. For the money, it offers the best value. We offer specialized subscription plans that are affordably priced and upgradeable at any moment, allowing you to efficiently balance your needs and expenses.

Low latency networks have few processing delays for data. Since we properly manage traffic, our latency is far below average. And things are improving every day. W2U will give you results in the shortest amount of time possible.


Find out who is using your URL. When and where it uses are both. Enjoy connecting your users with our comprehensive dashboard. This way you can easily connect and understand your audience and clients if you own a business and that will help you boost the traffic of your page.


Create as many short links as you require. W2U is not constrained like other products on the market. W2U allows you to shorten as many URLs as you may need at the lowest charge possible, so you can utilize the tool most efficiently. Let's develop along with W2U.


The term "uptime" refers to how long or how consistently a system has operated. W2U uses cutting-edge technology to provide you with 99% uptime throughout the year, anywhere in the world. We are committed to delivering on our promises and we are aware of your company's needs.


URL Shortener with Tracking


Digital marketers can track the clickability, conversion rate, and call-to-action buttons on websites using URL tracking, an engagement technique. Online marketers can analyze the total effectiveness of the URLs by using the crucial procedure of URL tracking. It takes into account variables like clickthrough rate and conversion rate. W2U can also provide you with URLs with tracking features.

Short URLs have advantages in the display, branding, engagement, and analytics. A short URL also helps offline and online marketing, facilitates analysis, and builds brand recognition for a business. Short URLs have advantages in the display, branding, engagement, and analytics. A short URL also helps offline and online marketing, facilitates analysis, and builds brand recognition for a business.

You can brand your links using a bespoke URL shortener, often known as a branded URL shortener. A custom URL shortener is one where you've linked your custom domain to one that serves as the foundation for all the short links you make.

In many circumstances, the most crucial justification for utilizing a URL shortener is to keep track of how effective your links are. The majority of them keep track of the following information in particular: clicks, time and date, device kinds, browsers, location, and language, among others.

W2U is a URL Shortener Platform with a ton of features that will assist you in managing all of your connections intuitively and highlighting their potential. W2U was created to assist you in making every point of connection between your content and your audience fruitful and effective, whether you're sharing one link, a scan, or millions. The most well-known companies are our clients and they adore our platform because of this.

Since its inception, URL shortening has advanced significantly. Here are a few cool things you can do right now with your URL shortener:

Link Masking: Shortening a URL lets you hide the original website address. When you properly mask a link, you can take a URL from a compelling piece of material that you want to share and condense it to highlight a salient point in your social post.

Link shortening: A short, memorable URL is considerably easier to communicate than a long one, especially when the latter contains random integers. To make links seem nicer and track click-through rates, you should always use a URL shortening tool when sharing links.

Link Tracking: The main benefit of shortening a link must be link tracking. You can compare the number of actual users who clicked on a link with the number of bots or crawlers. This offers you a more realistic estimate of the number of actual visits and conversion rate to your website.

Link Retargeting: Retargeting entails adding a little pixel or piece of code to your website so that when visitors come, you can offer them advertising later on. Retargeting links let you fine-tune your targeting when you run online advertisements by extending your marketing reach beyond the "awareness" stage of the funnel to more of a "pre-awareness" level.

Why W2U is the best?

  • W2U is quick and simple; enter the lengthy URL to generate the abbreviated version.

  • Use any connection; W2U always shortens it, regardless of its length.

  • Our service uses the HTTPS protocol and data encryption, making it quick and secure.

  • Verify how many people clicked on your shortened URL.

  • Links that attempt to spread spam, malware, or viruses are all removed.

  • compatible with PC, tablets, and smartphones.

  • When sharing links online, we always advise utilizing your custom domain because it increases link credibility, brand awareness, and click-through rates.


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