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  • What can a URL Shortener Do?

    Since its inception, URL shortening has advanced significantly. Here are a few cool things you can do right now with your URL shortener:

    Link Masking: Shortening a URL lets you hide the original website address. When you properly mask a link, you can take a URL from a compelling piece of material that you want to share and condense it to highlight a salient point in your social post.

    Link shortening: A short, memorable URL is considerably easier to communicate than a long one, especially when the latter contains random integers. To make links seem nicer and track click-through rates, you should always use a URL shortening tool when sharing links.

    Link Tracking: The main benefit of shortening a link must be link tracking. You can compare the number of actual users who clicked on a link with the number of bots or crawlers. This offers you a more realistic estimate of the number of actual visits and conversion rate to your website.

    Link Retargeting: Retargeting entails adding a little pixel or piece of code to your website so that when visitors come, you can offer them advertising later on. Retargeting links let you fine-tune your targeting when you run online advertisements by extending your marketing reach beyond the "awareness" stage of the funnel to more of a "pre-awareness" level.

  • Why W2U is the best?

    Why W2U is the best?

    • W2U is quick and simple; enter the lengthy URL to generate the abbreviated version.

    • Use any connection; W2U always shortens it, regardless of its length.

    • Our service uses the HTTPS protocol and data encryption, making it quick and secure.

    • Verify how many people clicked on your shortened URL.

    • Links that attempt to spread spam, malware, or viruses are all removed.

    • compatible with PC, tablets, and smartphones.

    • When sharing links online, we always advise utilizing your custom domain because it increases link credibility, brand awareness, and click-through rates.