Free URL Shortener Websites List

By admin/Nov 27, 2022

Free URL Shortener Websites List

Do you want to discover which free URL shorteners are the best for customizing links? We will provide a list of the top free URL shorteners.

A lengthy website link can be made shorter and more aesthetically pleasing using an online application called a URL shortener. The tool is frequently used by social media users and affiliate marketers to shorten links in posts.

This application allows you to shorten and personalize links to websites.

We will review the top free URL shorteners in this article. You can decide which link customization tool best suits your requirements.

List of Free URL Shortener Websites

  1. W2U

A URL shortener platform called W2U has a ton of tools that can help you manage all of your connections easily and maximize their potential. W2U was developed to help you, whether you're sharing one link, a scan, or millions, make every connection between your content and audience profitable and effective. Their clients are some of the most well-known businesses, and they enjoy this platform as a result.

• W2U is quick and easy to use; just type in the lengthy URL to get the condensed version.

• Use any connection; W2U always shortens them, no matter how long they are.

• Check the number of clicks on your shortened URL.

• Spam, malware, and virus-spreading links are all eliminated.

• compatible with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  1. Bitly

Making, distributing, and keeping track of your links shouldn't be difficult. With features like branded links and the ability to reroute any link, Bitly enables you to operate more quickly and intelligently so you can enjoy the delicious taste of exceeding your performance targets.

One of the most widely used free URL shorteners is Bitly. By pasting a link on its webpage, the full-service URL shortener can quickly and easily shorten the link. You may assess the effectiveness of your campaigns with Bitly. This enables marketers to monitor and improve their use of digital marketing. The connections can also be altered for branding purposes.

The premium edition has a thorough dashboard that lets you track link performance, including user location, click-through rate, and social network platform shares. You can delve deeper into the details of the links by the hour.

Bitly is committed to making sure your links are trustworthy and secure. Every link you establish with Bitly is secured with HTTPS to maximize security against third-party eavesdropping or content modification, protecting your content from malicious actors.

  1. Tiny URL

Businesses with big ideas may now utilize the power of shortened links thanks to TinyURL, which provides users with a comprehensive link management platform. Users can develop, manage, track, and grow their businesses through link campaigns of all sizes with a TinyURL account.

TinyURL makes it simple to build anonymously shortened links. In January 2022, it was one of the first URL-shortening tools to be released. Posting links to your e-commerce website in online groups and forums are a terrific marketing strategy.

You can make shortened URLs without an expiration date. You can also use an alias to modify your connections. The application contains sophisticated capabilities like visual data analytics, URL modification, and link tagging. It offers data in the form of a time chart and map regarding the performance of your links.

Through the power of link management, TinyURLs' only goal is to assist you in expanding, scaling, and dominating. They aim to assist brands in realizing their greatest aspirations with their reduced connections.

  1. Rebrandly

The finest tool for branded links link customization is Rebrandly. The ability to completely personalize the short URL is this tool's biggest feature. For more sophisticated branded link management features like QR code generation and link analytics, use the premium version.

To create customized links, you can register a custom domain using the URL shortener tool. The dashboard allows for monitoring, sharing, and analysis of the branded links. The service also employs 301 redirects, which convey the SEO benefit of the short links to your website's new location.


You can send several URLs using depending on the user's location or device. If you want to make unique connections for several user groups, this tool is helpful. The default domain for shortened links can also be chosen. The application also provides you with crucial data about network performance.

You may track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns that use shortened links using the campaign tracking feature. Advanced functionality like link cloaking, QR codes, and configurable link expiration are supported.

  1. Clkim

The preferred URL platform for affiliate marketers is clim. The program has clever functions like redirection, retargeting, and others. Through specially branded links, it enables users to monetize links. To monetize traffic, you can additionally segment visitors and re-target them.

Utilizing the URL shortener tool, you may examine traffic by device and location. When people click on the links, you can employ clever, geo-specific redirects and start full-page advertisements. The functions of rank monitoring and campaign tracking are also helpful for enhancing the digital marketing plan.

  1. is a quick and simple free URL shortener, similar to TinyURL. You can post a long URL to, add a custom link ending if you want, and then click the button to automatically shorten URLs for free. With a free account, you can change or delete your links as well as check the short URLs you've created and traffic statistics. A tiny link can also be converted into a QR code, exported as an Excel spreadsheet, or printed out.

Final Words

The finest free URL shortener tool overall is W2U. Rebrandly is the ideal tool for building branded links. Consider using TinyURL if you want a tool for rapid, anonymous URL shortening that will never expire.

The finest link modification tool for delivering various visitors various URLs to the same website is Sniply is the finest link shortener for affiliate marketers since it allows you to add a call to action to shortened links.